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So Called to Love

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God’s call on our lives is total and complete. How we do each thing should be a reflection of the relationship we have with Him. The way we treat one another, the way we care for one another, the way we deal with one another – all should be a reflection of how God loves us. And as God loves all, we too are called to love all.

The growth we experience as our faith deepens must also be shown on the outside in the relationships we have with others. Faith lived out is faith shared. In Leviticus 19 there is a long list of ‘do not…’ steal, lie, slander, bear grudges and so on. These are all things we would not want others to do to us. There are also three things that are ‘positives’. The first is to rebuke your neighbor so that we do not share in their guilt. The second is to love your neighbor as yourself. These two kinda go hand in hand.

In the list of mostly ‘don’t’ do this or that, we can see God trying to limit our natural inclinations to be selfish and to judge others. In this way we can try to legitimize how we treat others or how we withhold from others because they are not worthy of our time, attention, care, and so forth. These are such hard things to curb.

Each little section of Leviticus ends with these words: “I am the Lord.” This gentle reminder serves two purposes: to remind us that we are called to be a reflection of God’s love for the world and to remind us that we can only live this way w/God’s presence and help in our day to day lives. Hebrews 13: 20-21 are a reminder of this reality: “May the God of peace equip you with everything good that you may do His will, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever and ever.”

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