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Walking with God

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God desires a deeply connected relationship with us, His children.  As God directs and teaches us, we find delight in His laws and ways.  Our hearts and eyes are turned away from selfish gain and worthless things.  They are turned increasingly towards God.

As we seek personal instruction and enlightenment from God and his Word, a relationship of intimacy develops.  As we focus on God and his word our lifestyle changes.  It affects how we live out our daily lives. With His help and presence we are better able to walk through our daily lives.

God’s influence and direction come to change our words and behaviors towards others.  The question will soon be asked: “What’s different about so-and-so?”. As we continue this walk, we more easily and accept God’s will for our lives.  Our walk comes in step with God’s call upon our lives.  May your journey be blessed!

One thought on “Walking with God

  1. So true! Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂

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