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Our Connection

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In Youth group, their favorite way  to pray is in a circle, their own arms criss-crossed, holding each other’s hand.  A squeeze passes the prayer around the circle.  After someone closes, we raise arms and spin out away from the circle.  If you asked them why they like to pray this way, they would tell you it is because we spin at the end.  I think they also like being connected to each other through touch.

Sometimes the ‘squeeze’ moves around the circle like lightning.  Sometimes two middle school boys see who can ‘hold’ each other’s hand  the tightest.  And sometimes a Youth or an adult shares a heart-felt prayer.  You can feel the love and the focus and the energy zoom right in on them.  It is pretty cool.

Prayer is such a powerful weapon – for us to find guidance, peace, comfort, strength, … and to ward off Satan.  Prayer is our personal connection to God.  Prayer is how we call on the almighty and how we draw close to Him.  Come close often.

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