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Sprit Fall Upon Us

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Ever been so thirsty your throat was dry?  In those cases a sip of water is so refreshing.  Water may be clear and tasteless yet it is better than anything when you are parched.

Have you ever watched water pouring along the curb or gutter or even a gully after a quick downpour?  It picks up debris and carries it away.  The water may even cut away at what it is washing over.  Water can be pretty powerful.

Remember the last time you stepped outside just after a good rain – can you smell the freshness?  The water cleanses away the dust and dirt and also refreshes the life of all it falls upon.

The living water that come when we enter into relationship with Jesus does all these things too.  If we allow the Holy Spirit to be the promised well of living water welling up in us, it will refresh and replenish our soul when we are feeling dry.  This living water will also work its way through the cracks and crevices to carry away the baggage and things that can weigh us down.  This living water will also flow from us, into the lives of others.

It is both a gift and a gift to be offered to others.  Join me in praying, “Come Holy Spirit!  Come!”

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