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Holy Indifference

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Abraham exhibited great faith, without hesitation, as he willingly and obediently heads off to sacrifice his one and only son.  Isaac is the one they had waited so long for.  It is a great example of holy indifference.  This is the act or lifestyle of setting all emotions and preferences in order to follow God’s call in one’s life.

The concept of holy indifference is one I am drawn to but most often fall short of.  How easy it is for me to throw in a ‘but’.  Sometimes it is a but not now or a but not there.  I act as if I know the plan better than God does.

To act and hold all so lightly in my life that I keep nothing from God and obey all He commands – what w way to live!!  May my life grow in faith so that His will is my only will.

Scripture reference: Genesis 22: 1-8

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