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Maintainer or Builder?

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As a Christian, our ultimate call is to make disciples of all nations.  We are called to share God’s love and to teach His ways for the transformation of the world.  We believe there is only one way, truth, and life – and that is found in Jesus Christ!

In may of our churches, we need to first make disciples of those in the pews.  Many people in worship on Sunday morning are Jesus-sharing, God-loving people who serve others. Sadly though, some are one-hour-on-Sunday and serve-cookies-once-a-year Christians.  Our task to spread the Good News does indeed start within our own walls.  For each and every person sitting in the pew to see the whole world as their parish is where we need to begin.

Once we can shift our main focus from maintaining the institutional church to working together to build the kingdom of God on earth, then revival begins.  Today, may we all look within and honestly determine where we are along this continuum.  Are we more of a maintainer or more of a builder?  And then may we each seek ways to be better kingdom builders!

Scripture reference: Matthew 11: 16-19

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