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A Prayer-Full Life

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During our faith journey, we have many opportunities to pray for others.  Hopefully this is at least a daily occurence for each of us, as we lift up family and friends in prayer.  At other times we are a part of a larger group prayer for a specific person or a specific concern.  There is a sense of a burden being lifted when it is lifted to God in prayer.  These times in prayer also connect us to God.

Prayer matters.  I know I am more blessed because of the people praying for me.  You are too!  Prayer lifts us up to God and also makes us more aware of God.  Prayer makes a difference in our lives and in the lives of others.  We are told to pray without ceasing, to have a constant conversation with God.  God calls us to stay connected.

Prayer is also a gift we can offer.  It may be this morning at church to someone who seems to be hurting.  It may be to our frazzled waiter at the restaurant or to the overwhelmed clerk at the store.  It may be for the police officer who we drive by.  Prayer opportunities abound.

Today, yes today, may we seek out an opportunity to pray with someone unexpected.  May we be aware of the needs around us and may we have the courage to step in to lift another to God.  You will lift another up in many ways when you offer to pray with them.  Through this we will be both blessed and a blessing!

Scripture reference: Matthew 11: 25-30

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