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Jump All In

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New can sometimes be scary.  But new can sometimes be exciting too!  And often it can be a mix of the two. Our attitude largely has to do with it being our choice (or not) but sometimes new just happens – like the start of a new school year.

In our worship we tend to like the tried and tested.  Whether you are a contemporary worshipper or a traditional worshipper you probably like the routine you are used to.  If you always sing out of the hymnal, then a song from a different source may seem odd.  But if you are used to the Praise Band bringing out new music on a regular basis, then you are comfortable with that.

No matter how we worship or the style we prefer, God is seeking for all of our being to be given in worship.  He is fully present and desires the same of us.  God wants to offer us all of His redeeming grace and transforming power.  By being fully engaged we step into the possibility of His offer.  Step into this and don’t be surprised if you experience God in a new way.  His “new” may be hearing the words of an old hymn in a fresh way or it may be in the words of a new praise song.  He may tough you in a new way during the message or in a time of prayer.  It may even be during the Lord’s prayer that you say every time.  Maybe it is in a personal way during communion.  Jump all in tonight or Sunday and see what God has for you!!

Scripture reference: Psalm 149: 1-4

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