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Sides of Anger

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Can anger ever be a good thing?  Or is anger always bad?  I think back to a stage in my son’s life when the littlest thing made him very angry, and I see a side of anger that is bad.  Yet I think about a friend so angry over the injustice he saw that he started an organization that offered care and services to a segment of our population in great need.

And is a natural emotion.  At times God was so angry that He wanted to wipe humanity off the face of the earth.  King David was once so angry at a man in a story who stole an animal from a very poor man when he himself had plenty.  David was so angry that wanted to go and exact revenge for the poor man.  (But it turns out David was the offender!)  Righteous anger can be a good thing.

Personal anger is usually another story.  We are called to control our emotions.  We must be wary because the tongue is a mighty weapon and a small spark can cause a huge fire.  On a personal level, we must seek to offer love over hate, peace over war.  We must seek first His kingdom.

Scripture reference: Psalm 149: 5-9

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