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Trust in God

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As life became very difficult in Egypt, the Israelites could have chosen to rebel and fight.  They were numerous and probably coud have rebelled.  But instead they chose to turn to God and to trust Him.  Once they fully relied on God in their situation, amazing things happened.

In our lives, difficult people and situations will come.  Often our first instinct is to fight or to react.  In almost all cases this is not our best option.  Our best option is the same as the Israelites’ best option – God. To take a step back from the situation or person, to spend time in prayer, to turn it over to God – these are our best options.  As we faithfully trust God, we too will see some amazing things happen.

I see some parallels between Israel’s plight in Egypt and the persecution faced today by Christians around the world.  When I think of our brothers and sisters in Christ that face torture, death, and chaos on an almost daily basis, I am both very grateful for our freedoms here and also moved to prayer on their behalf.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to suffer for my faith in such a way.  May we hold our fellow Christians in prayer each day, that they may continue to be strong in the faith and to trust fully in the Lord.

Scripture reference: Exodus 14: 19-31

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