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Witness and Example

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In Revelation 7, John writes about the great crowd in white robes gathered around Jesus.  The multitude is too great to count.  They sing to jesus and acknowledge Him as the root of their salvation. Despite the massiveness of the crowd, the focus is on only one – the Lamb of God.

Today is All Saints Day and tomorrow in many of our churches we will remember the saints, those who have ‘gone before’.  Imagine the crowd in heaven!  Surely there is Mary, John the Baptist, David, Elijah, Moses, and so on.  And there are people like Calvin, Luther, dozens of popes, Martin Luther King Jr, and such.  And there are other faces there too – less famous for sure – but ones you certainly recognize.  Ones that are surely saints indeed!

This day, remember your loved ones and friends who have found their place of rest in that heavenly multitude.  Thank God for their witness in your life.  Thank God for the example they set and for the ways they have helped to mold you into the person you are today.  Thank God for their lives.

Scripture reference: Revelation 7: 9-17


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