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What Greater Gift?

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The stories of the Bible are our stories of faith.    In them we come to understand past relationships with God, to see His mighty actions in the world, and to see what it looks like to walk the faith in the flesh, as Jesus did.  As we come to love God, we feel the need to pass on the story of faith to our children and other family, to our friends and coworkers, and to the stranger we meet on the street.

The faith experiences we each go through personally and those read and hear about are also a part of the faith story we each have.  God continues to be active in our world.  The personal side of our faith is the part others can most often see and also the part they can initially best relate to as well.  When we share our faith from the heart, we can deeply touch another’s life because here they can see the power of Christ in action in the real world.

We should be drawn to share what we love, desiring for all to come to know God and His amazing love.  Whether through Biblical stories or through the stories of our life, we are called to make disciples of all people.  What greater gift could we offer our neighbors that we are supped to love?

Scripture reference: Psalm 78: 1-4


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