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Teach Them Well

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Our faith has a long history to it.  Our common faith journey begins with the creation story and runs right to today.  It contains stories of Moses and Noah, of David and Solomon, of Mary and Esther, of Elijah and John the Baptist, of Daniel and Hezekiah, and of course, of Jesus and the disciples.

Our own faith story begins years ago as well.  It includes all of those family experiences with faith plus all that we each have experienced in our own lives.  All of this is simply an extension of that story that began only with God, before a word was spoken.

In Psalm 78 we are charged with the task of teaching all of these stories to our children so that they too can now them and make them a part of their own faith story.  And not only that, but also so that they too may teach the stories to their children.  These roots of our faith, these stories of who we are, for the foundation of who we are a Christian.  A solid foundation is important.  May we all teach our children well, so that they may be strengthened in the faith and encouraged in the way that leads to life eternal.

Scripture reference: Psalm 78: 5-7

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