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Allow Him

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Think about a time when you felt trapped in a situation or when you felt that you were being treated unjustly.  If it got desperate you were looking for any way out.  At that point you would have taken a hand or a piece of good advice from about anyone.We’ve all been there.  And if we cried out to God for help, He was right there to share the burden or to maybe send relief or show a way out.  In need, we seek Him.

Yet in our day to day, how often we simply go it alone.  Even when it gets a bit hard, we put our head down – not to pray but to barrel through, to try and do it on our own.  God so wants us to seek Him, to be our all in all.  God will even send people across our paths that can offer a hand or a good counsel, but how often we miss them.  It is sometimes hard to look up when our head is bent down.

If we come to God each day with all of our thanks and with all of our needs, then we are more open to seeking His presence and allowing Him to lead in our lives.  The more we choose to honestly connect, the better the connection, the more in touch with God that we are.  Allow Him to draw near and to help carry that burden.

Scripture reference: Judges 4: 1-9


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