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Fellow Travelers

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Often times when we go on a journey, we like to have company go along with us.  This is especially true if it is a long journey.  We have someone to talk to, someone there in case we have trouble, and someone to keep us focused on the journey.

Our journey of faith is long and should be one of continual growth and development as we move along our “path.”  It is a journey meant to be made in the company of other Christians, but how often we try to go it alone.  We don’t usually mind sharing the good things in life or even coming together at a funeral in or common time of grief, but sharing our inner demons and struggles is much harder.  Yet it is in the honesty and accountability that we find strength and power.

Jesus himself turned to others in times of trial and struggle.  The Holy Spirit walked with Him in the desert and often He turned to the disciples for prayer and support.  If Jesus needed others to be with Him, how much more so do we.  May we find and be for others fellow travelers along the road of faith.

Scripture reference: Judges 4: 1-9


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