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Advent Living

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Advent begins today.  The scripture passage from Mark is about being awake and alert. It is a call to be aware of God and His presence in our world.  There is a danger in simply going through the motions of life.  There is an equal danger in choosing to live life for self.

Advent is a time of waiting and watching for the work of God in our worlds.  We wait and watch with expectancy – sure that He is present among us.  We live in the belief that we are all God’s children.  Therefore we all have equal right and access to His presence.

There is an implication to that though.  Not all truly have equal access.  Not all know Christ and all He offers to each of us.  Part of our call as Christians is to share the good news and teachings of Jesus Christ so that they too can join in the family.  Part of our call is to provide access by removing barriers such as economic limitations and other injustices.  All are called to live as children of the light.

This Advent season, may we be alert and awake to all God has to offer.  May we walk fully as children of the light bringing love, mercy, and justice to all so that all may enter into the holiness of this Advent season.

Scripture reference: Mark 13: 24-37


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