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There to be Found

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At times we all enter into periods when it seems God is not around.  It can be for just a short time or it can be for a season.  About the time we start to question God’s whereabouts, we realize that it was us who was missing because God is always present.  Maybe it is our choices that have led us away.  Maybe it is because we have allowed ourselves to become too busy with life.

Sometimes it is a challenge to stay connected to God during a busy time like Advent.  Seems counterintuitive, but it happens.  A famous theologian once said, “Today looks like a very busy day.  I better pray for two hours instead of one.”  His attitude is so spot on.  Advent calls us into a deeper relationship and commitment despite the increased business of the season.

God desires to speak peace, comfort, love, and strength into our lives.  He desires a close daily relationship with us.  And what does it require of us?  Simply time, an ear turned toward heaven, and a faithful heart.  He is there to be found.  May we each connect with Him this Advent season!

Scripture reference: Isaiah 40: 1-5


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