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I have friends who will record a ball game and do everything they can to avoid hearing the final score.  They do not want to know the outcome so that they can watch the game as if were “live” and enjoy all the ups and downs as the game unfolds.  On course, they do fast forward through the commercials!

In our faith, we know the end story.  We know how all of this will end.  Whether the second coming occurs during our lifetimes or not, once we begin to walk in relationship with Christ, we know where we will spend our eternity.  However, this is not a ‘free pass’ to fast forward to the end.

This knowledge frees us from all worry about death and allows us to live each day with hope, confidence, and a great story to share.  In this season where we look forward to celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth, we must also be keenly aware of the opportunities God gives us to include others on the journey.  Advent is a great season to share the good news.  CHRISTmas is on everyone’s mind.  Today and each day, may we make the most of our chances to bring Christ’s light into people’s lives.

Scripture reference: 2 Peter 3: 8-15a


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