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God Calls Out Too

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As Christians, at times we act counter to the larger culture’s norms.  Christmas is all that most people are aware of as we walk through the season of Advent.  Instant gratification and being super busy seem to be a natural part of the secular side of Christmas.  At times we can get caught up in that too.  It is hard to live in the world and to not get caught up in it once in a while.

Oddly enough, Advent is a season where we are called to slow down, to be patient, to be in touch with the things of God.  As we decorate the tree, we should enjoy each other’s company and share stories.  As we shop, it is not volume we seek but to find just that right  gift for the ones we love.  As we wait in line or walk through a crowded store, we should be peace and love to those around us.

And God calls out too.  He seeks for us to be in connection with Him and with each other.  We are called to spend a little extra tie thinking about His promises – promises that are both in the future and now.  We are called to reflect on the gift of His Son.  We are called to offer the gift of His light to those walking in the dark.  We are called to be thankful for the many gifts He blesses us with.  And we are called to share those blessings with others in need.

Scripture reference: Psalm 85: 1-2


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