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Pointing the Way

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John the Baptist knew his role well.  He lived a very basic, simple life.  He did what God called him to do.  Although he had followers and many people came out into the wilderness to be baptized, John remained humble and true to his calling. His perspective never changed – always God’s servant and always speaking the truth.

As we move through Advent and closer to Christmas, excitement builds.  Christ’s birth precedes all of God’s promises being fulfilled in and through Him.  John knew just how important Jesus was to the world and put all of his focus and energy into drawing people’s attention to Christ.

Our role is really the same – to tell His story, to share our story, and to point people to Christ.  Through both our word and example we can help others to “make straight the way for the Lord.”  Our role is to point the way and to help others draw closer to the true and only reason for the season.

Scripture reference: John 1: 16-28

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