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Answering As Mary Did

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Advent has an “almost there” quality to it.  On the top level we are almost to the day we celebrate the birth of our king.  The day of Christ’s birth is the day that so much promise is fulfilled.  It is the beginning of the era in which we now live.

We are also “almost there” – almost to the end of the story.  On this deeper level, the day of Christ’s return has never been closer.  As we go through our daily life, it should reflect our hope and vision of His return, of a restoration of all things.  The call to be prepared should echo in how we choose to live daily.

On the deepest, most personal level, are we “almost there” in answering how Mary did?  We all hear God’s calling to us.  In His call upon our lives, are we ready to answer as Mary did: “Here I am, let it be according to your word”?  If so we must be prepared for amazing and awesome, because that is the kind of God we serve.  May we all live each day into the power and will of God, answering the call as Mary did, with hands and feet willing and a heart wide open.

Scripture reference: Luke 1: 26-38


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