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Sing Mary’s Song

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Mary’s song is a beautiful song of hope, compassion, and faith.  It is a song that connects all of Israel’s past yet speaks at the same time of things to come.  Mary sings of a Jesus that she is only just beginning to carry in her womb.

Mary is full of joy and gives all the glory to God.  She knows how special her role is and also that she was selected out of many possible mothers, yet she is still humble.  She is glad for the role God has given her, knowing she is blessed.

Her song speaks so well of the role Jesus will play.  She sings of him offering mercy to those who fear him.  She sings of how he will minister – scattering the proud, bringing down rulers, lifting the humble, feeding the hungry, sending the rich away.  Only through the presence of the Holy Spirit could she sing such a song.

During this holy season may we also sing Mary’s song.  But may we also blend it with our story as we allow the Spirit’s presence into our story too.  May we share the story of what Jesus has done for us as we also bring the good news of Jesus Christ to others.

Scripture reference: Luke 1: 46-55


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