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Allowed to Choose

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In the beginning God pushed back the darkness and chaos to usher in the light.  He spoke the word and it was so.  Each day of creation that unfolded followed the same pattern of God speaking and it being so.
In the beginning of our lives we are all creations of God’s hand.  But for many of us, at some point we lose that connection and find ourselves separated from God.  This is through the choices we make.  It is not God’s doing.  For those who did not grow up in the faith, they feel that hole that cannot be filled on their own.  All feel a pull towards the divine.
So why doesn’t God simply speak and make each of us a faithful and constant follower of Christ?  Why doesn’t God speak and have it be so?  Life would be do much simpler!
Although we are created in the image of God and are all loved by God, He does not force himself upon us.  We are given a free will to make our own choices.  When we are allowed to choose for ourselves, we are so much more invested in the outcome.
A forced faith is not true faith.  We must each choose to enter into a relationship with Christ and then daily continue to walk in that relationship.  He loves us enough to let us choose.  This day may we choose the Lord.
Scripture reference: Genesis 1: 1-5

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