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Connecting to God

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When the storm clouds begin to build I like to sit on the front steps or out back on the deck.  As the storm builds I can sense God’s energy and presence.  When the lightning flashes and the thunder claps, God’s power is at hand.  Sometimes when it is raining, I like to open the window or sliding door and just listen to the raindrops landing.  It reminds me that God is watering and nourishing the earth.

At other times I like to go out in the sun in the quiet of midday and listen to the birds singing.  Late at night I like to go out in the stillness and stare at the stars.  Sometimes He even treats me to a shooting star.  God can be found in many way sin our created world.

In all these things I sense God’s presence still working in our world.  The voice that created all we know with just a word continues to be involved in our world.  I awe at the sense of God’s power, majesty, and strength in the world all around us.

And what is my response?  Experiencing God in the world around me often leads me to pray a prayer of thanksgiving and love.  Sometimes it causes me to lift my voice in song.  Sometimes I simply stand amazed and take it in, allowing His presence to envelop and fill me.  Connecting to God in such ways renews and refreshes me.  Take some time to be in connection.  Allow His majesty and power to awe you.  Feel His presence.

Scripture reference: Psalm 29

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