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Baptism into the Family

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As Paul baptizes the twelve men in Ephesus, the Holy spirit comes upon then and they are filled with its presence.  They cannot deny the change that has occurred in themselves.  Outwardly there are signs as well – they begin to speak in tongues and to prophecy.  Much like the first Pentecost, this is a powerful moment.  It is also a great example of the power of the risen Christ.

Baptism remains a powerful experience.  It is s huge moment in each believer’s life and walk of faith.  As we are baptized, we are formally welcomed into the family of God and we are marked by Him.  All of our lives we carry this mark – child of God.  As part of our church family we are also part of the larger family of God, a huge network of believers past, present, and future.  Many will pray for you as needs arise just as we in turn intercede for others.

Baptism is also our first step towards our eternal destination with the risen Christ.  As the Holy Spirit dwells in each of us, the Spirit guides, leads, nudges, convicts, and prompts us to live a life worthy of our calling as a child of God and as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Our new internal compass is always present and active in our lives.  May we tune into the Spirit’s presence in our lives so that we more closely walk with Christ, our hope and our salvation.

Scripture reference: Acts 29: 1-7


One thought on “Baptism into the Family


    The one thing you will notice about man-made reasons for water baptism is there are no Scripture references given.

    1. Baptism is in order to wash away original sin. No Scripture reference.

    2. Baptism is in order to join the denomination of your choice. No Scripture reference.

    3. Baptism is for a testimony of faith. No Scripture reference.

    4. Baptism is in order to honor the command by Jesus, however, there is no spiritual benefit. No Scripture reference.

    5. Baptism is an outward sign that that you were forgiven the minute you believed in Jesus. No Scripture reference.

    6. Baptism is because you were forgiven of sins before you were baptized. No Scripture reference.

    7. Baptism is for unbelieving infants so they can be confirmed at a later date. No Scripture reference.

    8. Baptism is order to wash away your guilt from Adam’s sin. No Scripture reference.

    9. Baptism is not for the forgiveness of sin it simply an act of obedience. No Scripture reference.

    10. Baptism is a work of the Law of Moses, and is not essential for salvation under the new covenant. No Scripture reference.

    11. Buried through baptism describes being buried under a sprinkling of water. No Scripture reference.

    12. Baptism is in order to join the local church, however, baptism is not essential in order to enter heaven. No Scripture reference.


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