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He Is Good

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Have you ever gotten a word from God or one of His messengers that was hard to hear?  Have you ever struggled with the direction that God is trying to lead you?  Ever tried to be the one in control?

All of these are easy questions to answer.  We wrestle all the time with these issues because we like to be in control and we do not like to be wrong.

Samuel and Eli give us great insights into what it means to be honest when it is hard, to be open to God’s word even when it brings bad news, and to accept where He is leading us.  Samuel reveals to Eli that God indeed plans to carry out His plans against Eli’s house.  Eli responds with these words: “It is the Lord; let him do what seems good to him.”  No groveling for his sons’ lives.  No anger towards God.

For us life can get so busy that it is hard to slow down enough to hear and process what God would like us to hear.  Yet we must.  Sometimes when we do so we question – you want what?  Go where?  Sometimes the news is hard to share – it may cause conflict or call something into alignment with God’s will.  In all cases we must be faithful and willing to hear God’s call and to walk in the way He is leading us.  We must remember that He is God and that all He wants for us is good.

Scripture reference: 1 Samuel 3: 10-20

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