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Even Then

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John the Baptist preached repentence in preparation for the coming of Jesus.  John spoke the truth and ended up in prison, soon to be killed.  Jesus too went forth proclaiming the good news in spite of the opposition He faced.  Peter, Paul, Luke, and many others did the same in spite of Jewish and Roman persecution.  The New Testament is full of examples of proclaimers of the good news.

We too are called to proclaim the good news.  Just look – we have lots of fine examples to follow.  But these folks are the ‘greats’ of our faith.  They are not little old you and me.  By golly, there were all called by God and/or spent time with Jesus.  Wait – that’s us too.  We are called by God, empowered by Jesus through the presence of the Holy Spirit, tasked with spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Sharing my faith is just fine on Sunday morning or in my small group.  At Youth group?  No problem!  Here in the early morning at my kitchen table?  You bet!  But what about with the man down on his luck that stops me on the sidewalk?  And how about when two groups at church are disagreeing over some issue or choice?  Even when a fellow believer seems to be a bit wayward?  Yes, in all cases we are called to be sharers of the good news and to live our lives following Jesus’ example.  He IS with us in those times when we are uncomfortable and in those times when we need to share a hard word.  May we receive His power this day to do His will in our world.

Scripture reference: Mark 1: 14-15

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