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All I Need

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Simon, Andrew, James, and John all drop what they are doing when Jesus calls for them to come and follow.  There is no hesitation, no but…, no doubt in their mind that following Jesus is just what they should do.  They walk away from all they have ever known and walk toward wherever this one man will lead them.

Unlike these four men who just met Jesus, most of us have known Him for quite a while.  Jesus first came across my radar as a young boy attending Sunday school.  Since then my knowledge of Jesus has grown and our relationship has developed.  Many of you have had similar walks.  At some point all believers make a profession of faith and dedicate their lives to following Jesus.

So why is it so hard to follow the voice or the nudge of the Holy Spirit?  Why do we question so much when Jesus tries to lead us somewhere or to someone?

Faith. Hope. Love.

Lord, break my fears and cast out my doubts.  Help me to lay aside all that keeps me from following You wherever You lead.  Allow faith to be my guide.  Allow hope to be my strength.  Allow love to be all that I have to offer.  You are allI need and all I want.  In your name Jesus.  Amen.

Scripture reference: Mark 1: 16-20


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