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Be Like Paul

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Paul went to Corinth to share the gospel with any who would hear it.  He adapted his approach to the audience he was working with at that time.  The message or central truths did not change, but his techniques, styles, and approaches did.  He became like his audience each time to best reach them.

Paul also chose to not receive a salary for his apostolic efforts, instead laboring as a ten maker to pay his way.  By choosing to do this he was free to preach how he wanted and to whom he wanted.  This approach allowed him to be all things to all people so all could best hear the gospel. Paul only answered to God.

One of the old pastors at church liked to go to bars to shoot pool with the regulars.  As they shot pool he’d drink a Coke and they would talk about God and faith.  He did this on his “day off.”  Even then some in the congregation questioned it. I think that is sad.  Maybe you do too.

But… how often do you choose not to engage someone in a faith conversation or choose not to go ‘there’ because of what others might think or say?  We too mush be like Paul – totally unashamed of the gospel and willing to share it on their level and in their place with whomever we meet.  May we too be so bold for the gospel!!

Scripture reference: 1 Corinthians 9: 16-23


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