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Answering “Yes”

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Elisha is a most faithful friend to Elijah.  As the time has come for Elijah to be taken into heaven, Elijah and many other prophets tells Elisha to not follow along.  But Elisha remains close to his friend right up to the very end.  He held no fear for himself.  He gave no thought to his own well-being.  It is a truly sacrificial relationship.

How many of our relationships have this sacrificial component to them?  Maybe those relationships with your spouse or children?  Maybe those with a really close friend?  Maybe with Christ?

We are not often asked to walk into a dangerous situation on our own accord.  We may find ourselves in the midst of a good friend’s emotional or relational crisis that is uncomfortable, but we are in no danger.  In our earthly, personal relationships we seldom find ourselves in a place where we are called to truly sacrifice for another.

But there are opportunities to sacrifice.  We could forego sitting with our friends at lunch and instead sit with the one who always eats alone.  We could give of our time to the one who is hard to love yet still needs a friend.  We could assist the fiercely independent one who is really struggling at work.  God provides us with chances to sacrifice if we have open eyes and willing hearts.  May we be able to answer ‘yes’ when Jesus asks, “for the least of these?”

Scripture reference: 2 Kings 2: 1-12


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