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Come to the Light

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What is a ‘Christian’?  Is it someone who goes  to church on a Sunday morning or someone who wears a Jesus t-shirt or someone who frequents the Christian coffee house?  Is it someone who volunteers once a week at the local mission or at the thrift store?  The answer can be yes – and it can be no.

It can be a fine line between living as Christ and doing things that are ‘Christian.’  One can certainly check off the boxes, but if it is to say “Look at all I do for Christ” then it is misguided.  The focus and attention is on us and not on Him.  It is an easy line to cross.  We often are, by our nature, self-centered and selfish.

To live as a “little Christ”, or Christian, we first must be humble – always He and never I.  Our actions need to be for the purpose of sharing the light of Christ.  We can do many things for Jesus.  We must do things with Jesus.  In humility we must always point towards Jesus.  When we love others we must always point to Jesus first loving us.

Humility also requires transparency.  In admitting our brokenness, we can point to the One who heals.  In confessing our sin, we can point to the One who forgives.  In sharing our struggles, we can point to the One who carries us when we cannot walk on our own.

When others always see us turning to Christ in our need, they will see their way too.  When see Jesus Christ as our center, they too will hone in on Him.  When we live as Christ lived, others will come to the Light.

Scripture reference: 2 Corinthians 4: 3-6


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