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With the Spirit

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As soon as Jesus was baptized, He was driven into the wilderness by the Spirit.  For forty days, Jesus was tested.  Today this forty day period of testing is represented by Lent, which is under way for us.

Lent began a few days ago with Ash Wednesday – a day when we put ashes on our forehead and acknowledge that we are mortal.  In many places, the ashes were imposed with a prayer to create a pure heart and a steadfast spirit within each child of God as they received the ashes.  This is to prepare us for the journey of Lent.

During Lent we are especially in tune with our faith.  In tune with God as we seek His strength and love as we honestly face the sins we wrestle with.  In tune with Holy Spirit as we accept the conviction of our sins and as we use the Spirit’s guidance away from our sins.  In tune with Jesus as we pursue His example of a holy life and as we accept grace and forgiveness when we fail.

If we delve deeply and reflect honestly, our self-examination during Lent will reveal spaces to grow and will enrich our lives of faith.  Our spiritual disciplines will yield much fruit in this season when we practice them faithfully.  We cannot do this on our own.  May we depend on the Spirit to lead, guide, and empower us to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, yielding a willing heart and mind bent on a better relationship with Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Scripture reference: Mark 1: 8-15

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