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A Child’s Faith

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When a baby is first born it is totally dependant on others for care.  Most babies bond right away with their mother as they are fed, held, and loved.  Soon a father becomes a known, loving presence as well.  Babies bond and come to expect parents to be there when they cry, when they want to be held, when they need changed, and so on.  Even though no parent is perfect, the baby comes to love and trust them.

God is our perfect parent.  As we mature and grow in our faith, we learn that God will take care of our needs.  We learn that He will forgive our sins and restore the relationship with us.  We learn that when we cry out to Him, He will be there.  We learn that no matter how long we wander away, He will be right there by our side when we turn back towards Him.

Perhaps this is the kind of love and trust that Jesus was talking about when He said that we need to have the faith of a little child.  Maybe Jesus is calling us to live a life totally dependant on Him.  Maybe Jesus wants us to cry out only to Him when we are in need.  Maybe Jesus wants us only to come to Him when we find ourselves in sin or are wrestling with temptation.

The more we grow to love and trust in Him, the more we come to live and to love like Him.  May we come to develop the faith of a little child.

Scripture reference: Psalm 22: 25-31

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