Thoughts and musings on faith and our mighty God!

Active Faith

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Faith leads to transformation.  Faith, at its roots, is an active trust in the One who created us, the One we come to know.  Faith moves beyond belief.  It is in the space beyond belief that faith works in and through our lives to change us within.

We have many examples in the Bible of people who allowed faith to be their guide.  For example, once Abraham and Sarah encountered God there was no looking back, only trust in the One who called them forward.  The same was true for many others – Gideon, Esther, the disciples, Paul, Timothy – just to name a few.

Our faith is also a saving faith.  Once we have personally encountered God, our faith rests on His grace.  His grace saves us from our mistakes and reconciles us to Him.  His grace always welcomes us back into relationship with our creator and king.

Like the many who came before, once we start to live into this trust, life will never be the same.  In faith we begin to live into God’s promises, trusting His plan for our lives, seeking to be a part of the opportunities He places before us.  In faith we allow His love to flow through us and into the lives of others.  Our active faith leads us on a journey.  The journey is always towards God presnce and perfection, living into all He has to offer for our lives.

Scripture reference: Romans 4: 13-17

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