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Walking Closely

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“I promise.”  When do we have to say these words?  It is not usually in everyday life – your boss doesn’t make you promise to finish the project…  We have to promise when we have been exceptionally forgetful or when the other person doubts we will follow through or thinks what we have said is unlikely or impossible.  As adults, in general we do not have to make promises.  Saying we will do something if usually sufficient.

God never has to promise.  His word is always good.  When we come to the point of trusting in God, we come to faith.  True, at times we can struggle, but this too passes.  We may momentarily wonder how God could ever forgive ‘that’ but in time we see God offers forgiveness to all who come with a truly repentant heart.  And we get ourselves to that point and find His grace and love again.

Sometimes we are called to believe something that seems impossible or highly unlikely.  Sometimes our faith calls us to step out into the unknown.  Abraham is a great example for us.  At almost 100 years of age, God told him he would not only have a child but would be the father to many nations.  Abraham chose to believe God with all his heart.  He did not waver.  For this act of full obedience, abraham was credited as being righteous.

Paul tells us that we too are credited with righteousness when we actively pursue and fully trust in God.  Our willingness puts us in a right relationship with God.  When we walk in righteousness, God is close to us.  When we pursue Him, He is easy to find.  May we walk closely with God today, removing all doubts and barriers, so that we can experience His full love, mercy, and joy!

Scripture reference: Romans 4: 18-25

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