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Resurrection Eyes

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How often could Jesus look down at the decisions we make and the actions we take and think to Himself, “Get behind me, Satan”?  How often do we disappoint our savior?  How often do we fail to live up to our full potential?

Peter was one of Jesus’ closest disciples.  Yet when the end was nearing and He told them so, it was Peter who rebuked Jesus.  Peter saw Jesus’ power and authority growing almost daily – why death now?  Peter was trapped and he could only see what Jesus was describing from earthly eyes.  Peter didn’t yet have resurrection eyes.

Sometimes we don’t either.  Ok, maybe often we don’t.  That is why we are often less than we could be.  That’s why we don’t always feed the hungry or clothe the naked.  Maybe faith is not the top priority.

Each day that we choose to walk with Jesus Christ, we are more than we used to be.  As we get to know Him more, we grow closer to Him.  It is a pretty neat little circle.

How do we come to see more and more with resurrection eyes?  How do we focus in more on God’s priorities and less on the world’s?  Time.  T-I-M-E.  In this season of self-examination, may we see ourselves more clearly and allow Him to lead us on His path.  When we walk His path, we see the things He sees.

Scripture reference: Mark 8: 31-33

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