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The scriptures read, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven… a time to be silent…” ( Ecclesiastes 3: 1 and 7b). It is in the silence sometimes that we can best hear God.

It is very hard to hear His still, small voice over the ruckus of daily living.  Even when I am all alone in the quiet of the early morning hours and I sit down to pray, the mind races.  I cannot very easily force myself to be still for very long, to allow a space for God to speak.  It is never very long before a thought pops in.

We all desire a deep connection with God.  So, what is it that holds us back?  Part of it in me is the compulsion to do.  There is always the next task to accomplish.  This very thought betrays my lack of trust in God as provider.  Yet it goes deeper than that.

A part of me also fears what I might hear.  By providing enough time and space for God to speak might mean He actually does speak.  Because I really like to be in control of my life, I fear what He might say.  What God might speak into my life may force change, it may challenge me, it may push me into uncomfortable territory, it may cause me to really pour myself into His will.  This is also really a matter of trust.  I pray, Lord God, help me to trust.

When we are open and honest with it, there is much God will reveal.  May this season of Lent be a fruitful season of self-examination for your faith as well.

Scripture reference: Psalm 19: 1-6

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