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Temple of the Heart

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In today’s scripture we see one of the rare times we see the ‘angry’ side of Jesus.  It is a story filled with emotion.  Over the years the temple courts had become a market.  People bought what they could afford from the merchants for the required ritual sacrifices.  Money changers were also there for the Jews coming from foreign lands. All of this was done for a healthy profit.  To Him, such things did not belong in His father’s house, so he started cracking the whip and turning over tables.  He drove them out.

Jesus was clearly upset at the merchants who were taking advantage of the people.  Was He also upset at the religious leaders who also benefited?  Was he upset at the people who had gotten away from bringing their own unblemished animal or the first fruits of their own labors for the sacrifices?  There was probably some of these emotions mixed in there too.

As I reflect on this story, I am drawn to consider my own life.  If Jesus were to enter the temple of my heart, would He start cracking the whip and overturning things?  What things am I holding onto that I need to let go of or turn over to Him?  What things am I doing that I need to stop doing?  Where am I falling short as a follower?  It is much to consider.  But it is also fertile soil to work through in this season of Lent.  God be with you on your journey as well!

Scripture reference: John 2: 13-22


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