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Words and Without

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“Use your words.”  How many times have you said or heard this?  We tend to be very auditory in our learning and in our communication.  In our worship services we require words for everything we do.  Even in the silence of prayer run through our minds.

Must people of faith are people of the books.  The Jews and Christians each have their Bible and Muslims have the Qaran.  The words contained in the Bible are the teachings and stories that guide our life.  Before any were written down they passed on by word of mouth.

We can also worship and draw close to God without words.  Late at night we can sense God’s presence in the majesty of the stars.  On a walk in the woods we can find a bird’s song draws us to a time with God.  A piece of music can weave its way into our consciousness and can become a holy experience.  Something as simple as sitting and watching a campfire can lead us to a time with our savior.

God is all around us.  He is always seeking us, always waiting time with us.  At times we use words in a variety of ways to draw close to God.  Sometimes we do not use words but find ourselves close to God anyway.  Today, may we choose to draw near in a variety of ways.

Scripture reference: Psalm 19


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