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Master Craftsman

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“He sent forth His word and healed them.” – Psalm 107:20

Reading today’s scripture through Old Testament eyes, God chose to step in and act.  The people realized their sins and were feeling the consequences of them.  They cried out to God.  In His mercy He healed their hearts and returned them to the path that they were intended to walk as His people.  God strengthened them for the journey so they could be just in how they lived.

Read through New Testament eyes, the ‘word’ is Jesus.  Through His life and example we can see how we are called to live.  And just like the Israelites, we will falter.  This could be outright sin or it could be a failure to meet an opportunity that God places before us.

Thankfully God is a God of second chances.  And thirds, fourths…  The Israelites wandered frequently and so do we.  But no matter how many times we falter, God’s love for each of us is steadfast, eternal, and freely given.  For this generous gift we offer our thanks.

God is also a master craftsman, a skilled artisan.  As His love is poured into us, we in turn are led by the Holy Spirit to pour into others.  Again, at times we fail.  But here is what is so amazing about His love: He is seeking perfection in us so He keeps on working us and reshaping us.  In realizing we missed an opportunity, the seeds of how to not miss it next time are planted.  We can rest assured that God will give us more opportunities to share His love because as we do, we grow closer to being the believer He created us to be.  And for this gift, we offer our thanks.

Scripture reference: Psalm 107:20


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