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God is so faithful.  It is amazing that God could love humanity so much.  His mercies are offered to us over and over and over.  In spite of our propensity to sin, God continues to seek us out.

God is the husband and we, the church, are the bride.  He laid His claim upon the Israelites thousands of years ago and has been faithful ever since.  Christ extended this relationship when He welcomed all who believed into this covenant.  Christ spoke in terms of being the bridegroom and loving the church as a husband loves his wife.

The covenant we have with our heavenly father is much like the marriage covenant was in the times of Jeremiah.  Then it was a permanent and unchangeable covenant.  It was truly for life.  This is how God continues to see the covenant He has with His people.

Because of His great faithfulness and deep love for us, He continually calls us to this covenant that is bound up in relationship.  His forgiveness continues to wash us clean and allows us to enter into His presence over and over.

In this season of Lent, as Easter draws near, may we remember the sacrifice given by Jesus and the victory won over sin and death.  Out of gratitude may we look within and seek to be the follower He deserves – one full of love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion.  May we seek to live as the faithful and true bride of Christ.

Scripture reference: Jeremiah 31: 31-34


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