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We Know the Answer

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Tomorrow is Easter.  Tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ – we praise Him for our deliverance from sin and death.  We are grateful for the freedom He offers as a gift, generously poured out upon us by God.

But today, let us step back.  Let us ‘pretend’ if you will.  Today may we enter into the day the disciples and followers of Jesus must have experienced.  I imagine some did not sleep that night – the shock of Jesus’ death was simply too much to bear.  Some probably awoke in disbelief, not totally sure what happened yesterday and culminated at Golgotha.  Other woke in a daze, totally confused and searching for answers.

As the sleepiness wore off and the true reality set in, some began to pray.  Some of the prayers begged God to roll back the clock, to return Jesus to them as He was.  Other prayers sought a different return, to see Christ come again in glory and in final victory.  some prayed for strength, peace, comfort, presence.  Others surely sang praises and were thankful for their time with this man Jesus.  Some thought back on His teachings and miracles, wondering how they would continue to affect and change lives now that He was gone.  A handful probably pondered when the authorities would come for the rest of the believers.  And all, at some point or another, wrestled with the big question of “What now?”

We know the answer to that question.  We know what the morning will bring.  But today, today, may we step into the shoes of the disciples and followers.  May we feel the sadness of the day, may we seek God’s presence, may we remember what Jesus did and taught.  Remembering and experiencing is important.  Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Scripture references: Psalm 114 and Mark 16: 1-8


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