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Resurrection Faith

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It was said billions of times in churches and posted trillions of times on social media yesterday: “He is Risen!”  And after most times it was said or read, it was followed by, “He is Risen, indeed!” or “Amen.” Easter Sunday is full of celebration and joy over the resurrected Christ.  It is a wonderful day when we celebrate God’s gift of salvation.

On the day after Easter and each day forward the question is: how do I live out my resurrection faith?  Each day how do I experience and share the incarnation of God in Jesus and the resurrection that leads to eternal life?  On the first day of the week, Jesus appeared to His disciples and showed them His hands and side.  He gave them the Holy Spirit and sent them out into the world to continue His work.  In resurrection faith the disciples went out and rocked the world.

We too are empowered by the same Holy Spirit, called to share the good news of Jesus Christ so that all may come to know Him as Lord and Savior.  This is done in mostly small, personal ways: talking with our neighbor, listening to a co-worker at lunch, taking time to get to know the stranger in need.  It is about hearing another’s story and sharing our faith story.  It is all about developing a relationship with another so that we can share the relationship we have with Jesus Christ.

We are called and sent out by the same Christ that called and sent out the disciples.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit we too can rock the world.  This day and in the days ahead, may we each find ways to live out our resurrection faith.

Scripture reference: John 20: 19-23


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