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Are We Willing?

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If you set your calendars by the stores, Easter is over.  But the season of Easter lasts 50 days.  We are in the space between resurrection and ascension.  It is a season of life, surprise, delight.  Nature participates too.  I do not think it is coincidence that flowers are blooming and trees are starting to leaf out.

Instead of savoring this season, we allow ourselves to return to everyday life.  We too easily write off encounters with God’s grace and mercy and the Spirit’s activity in the world as odd occurences or coincidences instead of the faith moments they are.  If we are not tuned to the small and quiet workings of God, perhaps we miss them all together.

In Acts 3 the apostles perform an act in God that others cannot miss of ignore.  They heal a man who had been lame for as long as anyone around could remember.  Certainly the man healed was excited.  The religious leaders were confused.  Peter let them know that the man was healed in the power of and in the name of Jesus, the one they killed but God resurrected.  But the apostles deflected all the glory to God – they were just ordinary people serving a risen Christ. An event like this today would draw our attention as well.

Evidences of God’s grace, mercy, and love still abound today.  In our community a high school senior recently lost his life.  Both the faith community and the family of the boy killed gathered around the driver of the car and his family and prayed over them and offered them forgiveness.  It was and is a tremendous example of God being alive and well in our world today.  For us, we need to remember that they are just ordinary people living out the faith that He gives.  We too are ordinary people through whom God wants to do a mighty work.  Our question is: are we willing?

Scripture reference: Acts 3: 12-19

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