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Preach Repentance and Forgiveness

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In the midst of their fears and confusion it was hard for the disciples to accept that Jesus was amongst them.  It took a bit for it all to sink in past their fear, grief, and questions surely on their minds.  We too can have trouble seeing and hearing Jesus when we are in crisis mode.

Jesus shows the scars in His hands and eats some fish with them.  He unpacks the scriptures and teaches them.  It was probably explanations of passages they had heard and read before, but now there was a new meaning to these Old Testament words.

In those times or seasons when we are lost or struggling, we too can have a difficult time seeing Jesus.  If we are faithful and stay in the Word and spend time in prayer, Jesus will speak to us too.  That familiar passage will have new meaning to us.  Something special will happen during prayer or an unexpected answer will connect us back to Jesus.

Once we are plugged back in then we can return to the work of building the kingdom.  It was the call placed upon the disciples and it is the call placed upon us: preach repentance and forgiveness.

Scripture reference: Luke 24: 36b-48


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