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Each Day with Him

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Psalm 4 begins in deep anguish and ends in deep peace.  In life we too experience these wide swings.  Sometimes it is within a day and sometimes it is for a brief season.  And like us, the psalmist cries out to God, asks the ‘why’ questions, and searches for the reasons for their anguish.

Deep in our heart and soul, even when we are in the middle of a crisis, we know that God is still present.  The psalm reminds us of this and implores us to pray, to be silent, to offer sacrifice, and to trust in God.  When we seek Him we will find Him.  Sometimes we just have to step away from all that is swirling around us for a few minutes and focus in on God’s presence.  There we will find rest.

Along with all the things that test us, we also experience joy and blessing.  Life is a mix of the two, the good and the bad.  The rain falls on both the good and the evil, so does the hard and the trying.  Yet if we choose to see and acknowledge God’s hand in the joys and blessings as well, we are reminded that in all things, God is near and God is in control.  He is always faithful and true.

The more we learn and know God is always there, the more our trust in Him grows.  As we learn to abide in Him more and more, we increasingly live as a child of God.  That trust allows us to better walk through the highs and lows that are sure to come.  When we know God personally and deeply, life will not be all roses, but each day we can walk in the garden with our Lord.

Scripture reference: Psalm 4


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