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One Step Closer

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The good news of Jesus Christ is the greatest and most important news we ever received.  It is the information that forever changed our lives.  The story of who Jesus is, of what He did, and what He continues to do in our lives is a story that should continually be flowing out of each of us.  In order to do this we must know the stories of Jesus told in the Bible and also our own faith story.

In order to share our faith with another we do not need to know everything about Jesus and the Bible.  But we do need to have a solid knowledge base.  The Holy Spirit will prompt and remind us of the words we need at just a certain moment.  For the Spirit to be able to do this we must also do our part, spending time in the Word – reading, studying, reflecting.

We also need to know our own faith story well enough to provide witness to another person.  To stumble and bumble through any presentation is bad.  It is even worse when it is the most important story in our personal story book.

Once we are personally prepared to offer witness, we must be attuned to the Holy Spirit.  Just as Philip was led to a person who was ripe to hear the Word, we too will be led.  Just as Philip trusted the guidance of the Spirit, we too must trust the Spirit.  Lastly, we must have a willing heart.  Are we willing to share what has the power to change another’s life forever?  Do you remember when you were saved?  do you know the power of Jesus Christ in your life?  Help another person one step closer to Christ today.

Acts 8: 26-31


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