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Aware of the Spirit

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We live in a world that is constantly in change.  Every day people are born while others die.  People lose jobs, people starts new jobs.  People move from one place to another.  Even our relationships with those closest to us change and evolve over time.  In the midst of all of these transitions and changes though, God remains the same.

The call to abide in God in today’s scripture is a call to ground our life in the one thing that always remains rock solid.  Who and what God is and always will be the same.  His love and care for us never wavers.  He loves each of us just as much the day we were born as the day we die and all days in between.

Yet within the call to abide is also found the call to change ourselves.  We never reach the perfection found in God and Jesus, but we are called to seek to draw nearer and nearer to it as we live out our faith.  It is within this context that God seeks to prune us.  In this process of pruning we are shaped to grow more and more like Christ.

Our spiritual pruning is usually self-administered, done with the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  As we reflect on our lives, the Spirit points out things we need to change and things we need to pursue to grow closer to God.  This promoting comes in a wide variety if ways – from the gentle nudge to the quiet whisper to the in-your-face, can’t possibly miss this event.  The Spirit is always seeking to work in our lives.  We must allow it to shape, mold, and guide us to become more and more and more like Jesus.

Scripture reference: John 15: 1-8


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