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First and Foremost

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Jesus reminds us what it really means to love one another: “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”  These words would take on a whole new meaning when we remember what Jesus did on that cross.  Framed around this idea, the command to ‘love one another as I have loved you’ takes on a whole new meaning.

At times I grudgingly do things for my family and friends.  This is not the norm, but I must admit that on occasion I do things with less than a loving heart.  My sense of duty or obligation o responsibility drives my actions instead of the deep love I have for my family and friends.

In dealing with someone I do not know it can be even harder.  It is easier than to not see my sense of obligation or duty.  But then I think of the fireman running into a burning building to rescue a stranger or an ER doctor plunging elbow-deep into someone’s body trying to save their life.  They are committed with all they are to helping the stranger placed before them.

Before you think that it is just their job, consider two things.  First, life often hangs in the balance and people such as these have chosen a ‘job’ with a hefty responsibility.  Second, we all have a second job.  It can be farmer, lawyer, doctor, waitress, teacher, Mom, pastor, and so on.  If we believe in and follow Jesus, our primary job title is “Christian.”  First and foremost we are called to love one another.  And after we have done that with each person we encounter, then we can move along to farmer, lawyer, …

Scripture reference: John 15: 12-17


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