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Works of Faith

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Sometimes I feel a little like Cornelius.  I sense the need to be closed to God than I am.  Yet on my own I cannot seem to close that gap that I feel.  Like the centurion, I sometimes need someone to explain and guide me so that I can draw closer.  Perhaps at times you feel this too.

At other points in my faith journey I have ‘randomly’ experienced people and events that drew me closer to God and deeper in my faith.  I was not specifically seeking these out, but God blessed me with them.  The times we encounter God can happen at any moment and in any circumstance.  Perhaps you have experienced these too.

God can meet us both in the expected and in the unexpected.  We can find Him in church and in Bible study.  We can find Him in the repair ship and in line at the grocery store.  It is amazing how many ways the Holy Spirit can move and work in  our lives to draw us closer to God.

At times we too can be instruments of God or of the Holy Spirit.  Those promptings to say just the right thing, the nudges to help someone, the feeling to seek another out for a cup of coffee – all can be works of faith.  Being sensitive to these things is the first step.  Being willing to follow is the second step.  Being willing to take action is the third step.  May we all be willing instruments of God’s hand and the Spirit’s lead this day and every day.

Scripture reference: Acts 10: 44-48


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